running pace calculator

Running Pace Calculator

When planning your next race or run, it’s important to know what your expected pace is. Even if you are just off out for a run to have some fun, it’s good to know if you are going to make it back in time for dinner, or whatever else you have planned.

This running pace calculator is easy to use – simply enter how long you think the race will take you and what the race distance is, plus choose if you want the results in minutes per KM or minutes per mile. It will then calculate the pace for you.

You can also choose to see pace in running track distances if you like to keep an eye on things in lap chunks, e.g. minutes per 400 metres.

You are probably using this running pace calculator because you are following a training plan to improve your running. Perhaps you’d also be interested in checking out the race time predictor to see how you might perform in your next race.



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