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This course came about because many runners, even those who have been running for a while, find it hard to breathe while running. Their breathing seems unnatural, laboured or even find they are running out of breath when the legs have more to give.

If you are looking to learn how to breath better when running, this course will teach you breathing techniques to make your running more fun. It will teach you how to control your breathing, breaking it down step-by-step, in a structured, educational way. It will make it easy for you to practice and perfect each element, so that you become a better runner.

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Additionally, when you enrol, it would be great to get some feedback about ways to make the course even more useful for future students. Let’s help each other.


Can you breathe? Yes! And you'll improve with this How To Breathe Better When Running course.


Why do you want to get better at breathing when you run? And how important to you is it that you succeed? So many people find breathing while they run difficult and then give up running (or struggle). Once you know how to do it right, you'll have more fun while running.


This course teaches you how to improve your breathing while you run, but ultimately it's teaching you part of the skills you need to be a better runner.


The course is 3 lessons with video. You can try out the concepts learned in each lesson before moving on the to next one. Then join them all together to form a new and improved running / breathing habit!


  • Knowledge
  • Video Tutorials with transcripts
  • Quizzes to check your understanding

What you say:

Thank you, the How To Breathe Better When Running course was surprisingly useful (I thought I knew how to breathe already!)

Student Rosie

These are great tips for help with running. I noted that I do the running to the rhythm of your feet without even realising.

Student Julia

how to breathe while running course

How To Breathe Better When Running - Course Content

How to use more than just your chest to breathe

Understand how to make your breathing match naturally to the rhythm of your running

How to maximise air in and out, with relaxed mouth and how to use the nose too

Your certificate, plus an invite to giveback to us in terms of feedback and suggestions.


  • Decent Wifi or 3G and above – the course contains video tutorials.
  • A desire to improve your running!


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Your Instructor:

running coach chichester yateley

Hi! My name is Charles Rodmell – I’ve been running since the 70’s and I’m always excited to help people run better.

I’d had enough of seeing hundreds of local people struggling with or completely failing at running, due to knowledge gaps and lack of direction.

So I have put together this course of what works and what doesn’t. You’ll learn how to get the right habits in place to help you on your running journey way beyond the end of this course.

I race for Chichester Runners in the UK and also run a lot of canicross with my Siberian Husky, Rocky. For those of you that love geeking out over stats, I recently achieved PBs in the 10K (35m21s) and Marathon (2h58m)

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