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The online running course for beginners who want to learn to run like a pro from day 1 & keep progressing afterwards.


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Many people decide to start running, but then wonder why it seems so hard, either giving up, or struggling for months.

They look at some other runners gliding along, seemingly effortlessly, and wish they could run like that too. Some of them never figure it out, even after years of running.

In this Running For Beginners course you’ll be taught the mental and physical skills to get it right, from the very start, so that learning to run is a little more fun and you’ll finish knowing what to do next. All from the comfort of your own home and the paths nearby, saving you time and improving the quality of your life.

Whatever your reason for wanting to learn to run, from feeling better about yourself, to a new challenge, coming back from long term injury safely or to meet new people, you’ll nail it with Runningversity. We’ll get you running – we guarantee it:

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 30 days of completing the course, we will refund your money 100%. Refund policy

Additionally, when you enrol, it would be great to get some feedback about ways to make the course even more useful for future students. Let’s help each other.


Can you walk briskly for 45-60 minutes non-stop? If so, the Running For Beginners course might be for you, but read on to decide for yourself.


Why do you want to learn to run? And how important to you is it that you succeed? So many people start to run and then give up. Just having a weekly schedule from a C25K app is not enough! On this course, you'll learn HOW to run, how to stay on track and how to continue progressing after you finish the course.


Our course teaches you how to start running, including everything you need to run like a pro from day 1, plus stay on track, complete the course and make plans to continue running consistently after that.


Run non-stop for 30 minutes - think about how fantastic that will feel! But that’s just a medium term goal. We’ll teach you how to set and achieve longer term goals as you continue on your running journey. Nothing would make us happier than to know that course graduates are now enjoying running regularly, getting fitter and faster.


It’s simple. You'll focus only on the info you need as a beginner, but complete the course with essential running skills, and armed with enough knowledge to progress as a runner. You’ll step outside of your comfort zone, but it will be far easier than if you’d just tried on your own.


  • Knowledge
  • Video Tutorials, with high quality audio and visuals so they are a joy for your ears
  • Quizzes to check your understanding
  • Video Transcripts
  • Running Schedule
  • Real tutor available for questions
  • Discussion Group - ask other students
  • Money-back Guarantee


Meet, chat and motivate other course members, just like you, in an online discussion group. Buddy up with other runners on the course for even more motivation and added accountability.


Once you can run for 30 minutes, you will learn what you can do next to improve and progress, including how to plan your future running weeks. You’ll get a course completion certificate. We will ask for your feedback, so that you can help shape the course for the next generation of students.


The course is 11 weeks. Many "couch to 5k" programs are 8-9 weeks, but they ramp up too quickly. Instead, 11 weeks is more inclusive, giving your body time to adapt properly - patience & consistency are key to successful running. Lessons are spread gradually over the weeks.

What you say:

Surprised there’s so much really useful content in the Running For Beginners course. It flows well, is easy to use and follow.
Well structured and a very handy reference tool too, being able to search back through the content later.

Neil from Chichester, UK

The course was easy to follow and the progression of each week helped me to keep motivated. Charles is an amazing advocate and was always happy to offer advice and suggestions along the way.

Michelle from Australia

Learn to run - how to get better at running

Running for Beginners - Course Content

You’ll see that this course is tuned to the specific information you need as a beginner runner, so as not to overwhelm you. It is broken down into simple bite-size, but powerful steps, thoughtfully designed to teach essential concepts in a logical order, so it’s easy to grasp the information and remember what you learned.

The course is on an 11 week schedule.

An introduction to the course, plus how to use it and what to expect.

Helping you to understand and document your reasons for running.

Mapping out your short, medium and long term goals for running.

Showing you how to fit it into your busy lifestyle.

Someone to help you along the way.

What to do each week.

Something beginner runners often find really hard – simplified.

The #1 habit to get right.

Running explained.

More than just legs!

Why Running too fast is the biggest rookie mistake.

How to start and finish your running sessions.

How to get out, even if it’s raining!

Conquer a common running issue.

Running will help your asthma if you follow this advice.

What to wear? What do you need?

A few tips to avoid various issues.

What works best?

Is this the most important lesson?

How to progress now – the basic fundamentals of making your own good running plans:

  • Progression vs Steady State, & the pursuit of happiness
  • Easy Running Mistakes to avoid
  • Training fundamentals
  • Core Running Session Types
  • Types of Change
  • Putting it all together & Ramping up

Your certificate, plus an invite to giveback to us in terms of feedback and suggestions.


  • Decent Wifi or 3G and above – the course contains video tutorials.
  • Discipline will help, but the course provides some ideas to help with this
  • A desire to get running!


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Your Instructor:

running coach chichester yateley

Hi! My name is Charles Rodmell – I’ve been running since the 70’s and I’m always excited to help people run better.

I’d had enough of seeing hundreds of local people struggling through or completely failing at the free C25K programs, finishing with no real clue about running theory or what to do next.

So I have put together this course of what works and what doesn’t. You’ll learn how to get the right habits in place to help launch you on a long-term running journey way beyond the end of this course.

I coach / race for Chichester Runners in the UK and also run a lot of canicross with my Siberian Husky, Rocky. For those of you that love geeking out over stats, I recently achieved PBs in the 10K (35m21s) and Marathon (2h58m)

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