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The online running course for runners of all abilities who want to learn to improve running form, improve running posture & technique, so that their runs are easier and more fun.


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Many people wonder why running seems so hard. They look at some other runners gliding along, seemingly effortlessly, and wish they could run like that too. Some of them never figure it out, even after years of running.

On the Run Like A Pro course you’ll learn all the aspects you need to improve running form, so that your running is a little more fun.

Whatever your reason for wanting to improve running technique & posture, from making running easier, to running faster with more flow or to feel more relaxed on your runs, you’ll nail it with Runningversity. We guarantee it:

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Additionally, when you enrol, it would be great to get some feedback about ways to make the course even more useful for future students. Let’s help each other.

The course might take you a week to try out all the hints, tips, tricks and techniques, both at home and in your runs. You’ll return to it time and again over many months as you aim to perfect each bit of your running form.


Are you running at the moment? Or starting up your running again? If so, you'll learn and practice lots of useful techniques.


Why do you want to improve your running form? And how important to you is it that you succeed? You'll get the guidance you need and be able to ask questions to ensure you benefit.


This course teaches you how to improve running posture, including how to identify the areas for improvement, what changes to make and how to approach change more safely.


When you’ve finished this course you will have made tweaks to the way you run so that you run more like a pro. Think about how fantastic that will feel! Nothing would make us happier than to know that course graduates are now enjoying their running more.


The curriculum has been purposefully distilled down in to manageable nuggets. It's been thoughtfully designed to teach both simple and complex concepts in a logical order. This makes it easy to grasp the information and remember what you learned.


For half the cost of a decent pair of running shoes, you get all of this:
Video Tutorials, with high quality audio visuals & Video Transcripts
Quizzes to check your understanding
Discussion Groups


Send the course tutor questions if you need clarity. You also get access to an online discussion group to meet, chat and motivate other course members, just like you.


You’ll get a course completion certificate. We will also ask for your feedback, so that you can help shape the future of the course for the next generation of students.


The course is 21 lessons with Video tutorials, practical recommendations to try out in between and quizzes to check your understanding. Refer back to the content at any time after completion.

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You, from Yourtown, UK

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Run Like A Pro - Course Content

The course has a lot of detail, some of it a little technical. The great thing is you can use the simple practice techniques to improve running form and come back again later when you want to go more in-depth.

An introduction to the course, why learning the topics will help you, plus how to use it and what to expect.

Helping you to understand and document your reasons for improving your running form and posture.

Mapping out your short, medium and long term goals for running.

How to take videos so you can analyse yourself and compare again later.

Minimise the risk and make changes more safely.

How to tackle changes mentally so that you stick with it, but still enjoy your running.

How to breath more easily.

Give some structure to your breathing, to keep it controlled and monitor your effort level.

Looking at how a combination of both nose and mouth breathing will make your running easier.

Finding neutral posture and learning to spot the signs of being too tense.

Running is falling. How understanding this will help you run more economically.

Experimenting with a variety of step rates and foot placements to see what works best for you.

Exactly how your legs should work when running, what normally goes wrong and how to get it right.

The upper body is just as important as the legs when running. Learning relaxed, useful movement all over.

Running drills, like marching and skipping, plus sideways movement helps us prepare for the range of movement when going faster. They also help strengthen. Learn how to perform these essentials.

Running only prepares you for running. If you are strong in other modes of movement, it will help with the running, but also minimise injury risk in the rest of your day, so you can run more consistently throughout the year.

What you need to get and what you can do without.

How to avoid or deal with these in your runs.

Most people train or race on hills. Here’s how to tackle them with confidence.

How to stay upright!

Let’s compare these to the originals.

Your certificate, plus an invite to giveback to us in terms of feedback and suggestions.


  • Decent Wifi or 3G and above – the course contains video tutorials.
  • Discipline will help.
  • A desire to improve running form, technique and posture!


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Your Instructor:

running coach chichester yateley

Hi! My name is Charles Rodmell – I’ve been running since the 70’s and I’m always excited to help people run better.

I’d had enough of seeing lots of local runners struggling with their running form, with no real clue about running theory or what to do next to progress.

So I have put together this course of what works and what doesn’t. You’ll learn how to get the right habits in place to move you onwards in your long-term running journey way beyond the end of this course.

I run canicross with my Siberian Husky, “Rocky”, and coach / race for Chichester Runners & AC. Disciplines coached: Road, Trail, Canicross, Returning from injury. Geeky stats: 10K=35:21, Marathon=2:58

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